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Which health insurance companies do you submit for?

  • Pacific Blue Cross, Great-West Life Financial, Chamber of Commerce Group Plan, and many more. Please contact our front desk by e-mail or phone 778-433-4900 for more information.

Will your clinic submit for an ICBC claim?

  • Yes

Will there be a patient fee associated with my ICBC visits?

  • ICBC will cover $79 per appointment. Any remaining fee will be the responsibility of the patient to resolve.

How do I know if my ICBC claim is active or not?

How many visits will be covered for my ICBC claim?

  • This depends on the nature of your injury and conversations with your adjuster and or lawyer as well as recommendations from your South Island Therapist. This can sound complicated but our job is to help simplify your concerns with honest, transparent and evidence based treatment planning. Please refer to the ICBC claims page for more details.

Will your clinic submit for a work safe bc claim?

  • Yes, workers matter and we are here to support you.

Will there be a patient fee associated with WSBC claim?

  • To ensure there are no additional fees associated with your appointment, please confirm that your WSBC claim has been approved.

How many visited will be covered with my WCB claim?

This depends on your injury, recommendations from your South Island Therapist and conversation with your adjusters . Please refer to the WCB website for more details

Will your clinic submit for MSP premium assistance?

  • Yes, to check if you are eligible for this coverage we will need your Personal Health Number/Date of Birth or you may check your MSP Premium Assistance status.

How many visits do I get with MSP premium assistance?

  • 10 visits per calendar year in total.

Why did I pay full price for an appointment when I have insurance?


Do you have parking?

Our location has ample parking. This includes street parking and dedicated stalls along the back and side of the clinic.

Why is intake paperwork necessary?

Intake paperwork helps create a narrative of your condition. This information helps organize our thoughts and refine our line of questioning in order to provide clarity on the nature of your experience, the current status of your recovery and the most direct treatment plan to meet your unique needs.

When should I arrive?

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your initial appointment.

What should I bring?

Please bring health insurance information, ICBC or WCB claim numbers, and activewear.

What should I expect during my first visit?

Injury can be incredibly disruptive to wellbeing. As a result, we understand that injury has both physical and emotional impacts, not all of which are clearly understood or experienced by a patient. Our job on the first visit is to listen and help you make sense of the experiences you share. From this, we set criteria for resolution based on your unique set of values and joy. The purpose of the physical assessment is to provide objective clarity to the process and attempt to find strategies to quickly improve your pain experience. Finally, we will discuss the working diagnosis based on the information provided and engineer the ideal treatment plan to meet your needs.

What should I expect during the course of treatment?

It is our belief that a clear understanding of pain and recovery is healing. With that in mind, it is our desire and responsibility to keep you one step ahead of your recovery. This is done by touching base on symptom experience and performance outcomes in order to predict possible challenges so that should you experience bumps in the road to recovery you will be prepared and capable of overcoming any obstacles that lie ahead.

Cancellation Policy

South Island Physiotherapy experiences a large volume of appointment requests. When you make an appointment we reserve a time for you, pair you with a compatible practitioner, prepare your treatment, and anticipate your arrival. For this reason, we require at least 24 hours notice for cancellations. Appointments canceled within 24 hours, or missed, will be charged a cancellation fee. Please note that payment is required prior to re-booking.

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